U.S. Custom and Border Protection / Global Entry at EAR

However, there are no scheduled passenger flights from outside the country; this airport has a customs service, which is why this airport is considered as an international one. They provide a global entry as well. This system was invented by the United States, and due to this, passengers consume less time, and there is no long time checking procedures. Security checkpoints for those customers are without queues because there are not many passengers with this badge. There are automatic kiosks by which a passenger can move around.

There are no queues because not many passengers own this badge. This system is newly established, and not many of them have information about it. It is not difficult to have this badge. If a traveler shows a valid ID, the particular machine will check the validity of this card and then approve the realness of this document, and if the answer is appropriate, they can move around. However, a consistent resident card can be used as an alternative to achieve this badge.

Passengers have to be ready to answer all additional questions by TSA agents if it is necessary. They have to get candid and solve the arisen problems effectively.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Points at EAR

Many passengers think that all airports have the same regulations, but it is not like that, and they have to check those limitations in advance to avoid additional fees due to the weight of baggage, for instance. Some prohibited items can be acceptable in one airport and denied in another one, and vice versa.